Normally, I wouldn’t review a ‘zine put out by a skateboard brand. It kinda goes against the whole premise of the column, which is to review independently published ‘zines. However, considering that it’s been forever and a day since I’ve seen a brand-created paper ‘zine… let alone, one that is this well done… well, I thought it might be wise to make a slight exception in this case.


The cover. Pretty well done…! Art by Boss Dog, who also…


I picked this puppy up at Sidewalk Surfer in Scottsdale. They have a section of their bar where they put local flyers, business cards, et cetera… sort of like a community corkboard. That’s where I found the Zero ‘zine. Of course, I picked one up straightaway. That’s just what I do whenever I see a ‘zine lying around, impatiently waiting to be read.


… has an interview inside. Note the full-color presentation throughout. Impressive stuff.


The funny thing is that I had damn near forgotten that Zero even exists. I haven’t heard anything out of them for eons. Clearly, the social media paradigm is letting them down, and letting them down hard, because they never show up anywhere in my news feed, or in my advertisements. Maybe all my friends have forgotten about Zero, too. I don’t know.


Jamie did most of the interviews, actually. Did a damn spiffy job with them, too. The Chief just might have a future in journalism, on top of his already immense skating talents.


All I know is that this is the best brand-reminder that I could have ever asked for. This ‘zine is remarkably well done; I was super impressed. Printed on heavy stock using a traditional four-color process, the photography, the layout, and the writing are all top-grade stuff, through and through. The Adam Arunski interview was really entertaining, and there’s even a crossword puzzle in the back  for those that would like a little bit of analog entertainment in their lives.


The really fun stuff is towards the back. Time to break out those pencils, kids.


If you can’t find one at your local shop, you can always cruise on over to the Zero website to read all of the back issues. This is a project that’s well worth staying on top of; personally, I can’t wait to see what the next issue looks like. I’m guessing that one will be pretty good, too.


Check out the current (and back) issues of the Zero ‘zine online here: