Media Kit

There are some things that are far more important than “selling advertising”. Here at Everything Skateboarding, one of the foundational building blocks of the whole project is this idea of positive engagement and participation with the mass media. This open encouragement toward all advertisers, big or small, to actively participate in the process… regardless of whether they are paying advertisers, or not… is a revolutionary concept, and a cornerstone of our mission. One that we take pretty seriously around here.

Advertisers can participate in many ways. They could send in, among other things:

  • News bits and product previews for the monthly Newsworthy section (a must-do for any serious advertiser),
  • Art, photos, video clips, and interviews,
  • Travel and adventure articles, including recent tours and/or road trips, all the way up to
  • Full-length, feature articles.

Advertisers that actively participate in the curation and the crafting of Everything Skateboarding’s monthly “issues” will receive content credits applied to their advertising accounts. That’s code, of course, for “free advertising”.


A sample ad, showing the relative size, and the huge potential for such a large-format ad. We chose this large format to foster creativity in ad design. The large size allows for a lot of information to be conveyed in a very engaging and efficient manner This is a gif…


… and this is a jpg. Choose your weapon of mass inspiration wisely.


That said, there will still be advertisers that prefer to go the old-fashioned, paid advertising means of supporting our core mission. Here are the bullet points that y’all need to know:

  • Only independent, skater-owned and operated businesses can advertise here. Corporate entities owned by stockholders and board members need not apply.
  • Ads are $50 per month, per slot. Ads are put into a revolving queue; as readers navigate the site, ads are randomly pulled from the queue and displayed at the top of the page.
  • No advertiser can buy more than ten (10) slots, for a total monthly contribution of more than $500.
  • Ads can be .jpg or .gif files, and are linked to the website of your choosing.
  • Ad size is 1050 x 400 pix. Lastly,
  • All advertisers are listed on the “Supporters” page as well, so our readers can see in one quick glance who is supporting our mission.

Obviously, we encourage our readers to support the companies that support us. It’s only the right thing to do.

PayPal is by far the preferred form of ad payment, although any form of payment is entirely acceptable.

Everything Skateboarding is functionally not-for-profit. All ad revenues go toward paying our staff for their hard work, and toward defraying our (pretty minimal) operating expenses. Any leftover “profits” are earmarked for various skate-related charities.

Not-For-Profit entities get free advertising at the website, all the time. It’s the very least we could do to support the cause.

If you have any further cares, questions, or concerns, feel free to email me at any time at Thanks to everyone that supports Everything Skateboarding, our mission, and our various skate-related causes. We appreciate you all.


Bud Stratford, Executive Director, Everything Skateboarding