The Crappy Camera Photo Contest

In an effort to promoting a new wave of amateur interest in skateboard photography, we thought it’d be kinda fun to do a contest where all contestants are forced to use easily-accessible, incredibly austere (read: cheap) camera equipment, just like the chum that runs this place does. So, without any further ado, let’s launch this initiative, and go over the few details and deadlines associated with this little contest, shall we…?.  


Deadline for submissions:

Saturday, December 1st, 2018. You’ve got all the time in the world to make this happen, buddy.


The “Rules”:

There’s only one “real rule”, and three totally obvious rules. The “real” rule is:

– The camera that you choose to utilize must be anything in the world except a digital SLR (DSLR).

Allowable cameras would include: cellphone cameras, digital point-and-shoot cameras, “toy” cameras, disposable film cameras, point-and-shoot film cameras. Or, for those that might be truly masochistic (and financially gifted), old-school film SLRs are also allowed. You can find those super cheap these days, but buying and processing film is a major pain in the ass (and ridiculously expensive, to boot).


The totally obvious rules are:

– Photos must be e-mailed to us, or put into a Dropbox for us to retrieve. Put another way: you need to get them to us, somehow. And,

– Photos must include the name of the photographer; name of the subject (the skater); place, date, and time; the name of the trick being done (if applicable); and a description of the camera used. See the photo below as an example.

– Please make the subject line for all e-mails “Crappy Contest” (spelled correctly), so I can sort through them easily.


Prizes will be:

– $100 for first place,
– $75 for second place, and
– $50 for third place.


Judges will be:

Daniel Gesmer, Lew Ross, Claudia Yaw, Tony Gale, and Yours Truly.

Get crackin’, and get snappin’, kids!